digital ecosystem for omics analysis.

Streamlines your clinical diagnosis
and laboratory processes.

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Smart solution in-cloud for the digital transformation of genetic clinical decisions.

JuliaOmix™ is powered by A.I. and bioinformatics algorithms, to interpret and translate easy-to-understand genetic tests from NGS, streamlining the diagnosis process offering the best clinical decision support.

clinical information and omics data management.

Identify and annotate SNVs, Indels, CNVs  and SVs starting from FASTQ files.

Reduce time for research, diagnosis and analysis of genetic diseases.

Scientific research is our core

The investments in R&D are our priority.

JuliaOmix™ and our Team is always involved in partnerships for scientific research and paper publication

About us

Our mission is to be the global reference platform of clinical decision support
for genetic disease in less than 24h.

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