What we do

The Whole Genomic Sequencing(WGS) data represents an opportunity, for doctors and patients, to draw personalized clinical therapies.

Currently, doctors are unable to exploit the full potential of the WGS data, for clinical purposes, without the assistance of bioinformaticians.

GenomeUP, through the development of their genomic tool, exploits the features of Artificial Intelligence (AI) bringing forward precision medicine, supporting doctors in drawing the treatment best fitting their patients’ needs.

On the basis of patients’ genome, doctors will be able to obtain a detailed clinical report on genes affecting patients’ pathology, the gravity of the new mutations selected and the latest personalized treatments found mining information from the world’s biggest biomedical database PubMed.

Integrating the genome knowledge and the translational medicine GenomeUP aims to improve patients’ treatments through the latest computer technologies.

The goal of GenomeUP is to equip doctors with all the information needed to understand the role the genome has in diseases and, also, to allow faster and more efficient diagnosis and treatments.